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Bedford MM - Winter Programme

The 2016/2017 "Winter Programme" is now available, and the venues are listed below, together with illustrations of previous winter activities. 


We start our Summer programme on 1st May 2017 at 6.30am at Ickwell Maypole.  The Summer Programme for 2017 is in preparation - click the link or go to the menu. 

Meanwhile, we now need fit [ish], young[ish], enthusiastic Men to come and give it a go.  Click the link for Details of our Practice Venue.

Bedford Morris Men anticipate performing at the following events in late 2016 / early 2017.  Please check back for any last minute changes.  The Beer Festival and Apple Day will see us perform Cotswold dances, the remainder will see us perform winter “Border Dances”.
Bedford Beer Festival  Sat. 8th Oct 2016 1.00pm and 2.00pm
Bromham Apple Day, Bromham Mill, MK43 8LP   Sun.16th Oct 2016 12.30pm and prob. about 2.00pm
Border Tour and Carols - Bedford Wed.  21st Dec 2016 7.30pm to 10.30pm approx.
     The Wellington Arms, Wellington Street, Bedford Wed 21st Dec 7.30pm
     The Castle, Newnham Street, Bedford Wed 21st Dec 8.30pm
     The Three Cups, Newnham Street, Bedford Wed 21st Dec 9.15pm
     The Devonshire Arms, Dudley Street, Bedford Wed 21st Dec 10.00pm
Boxing Day Events 2016 Sat 26th Dec 2016 10.45am to 12.30pm approx.
     Bedford Embankment - Dancing Sat 26th Dec 10.45am
     Bedford Swan Hotel - Dancing Sat 26th Dec 11.30am
     Bedford Swan Hotel - Boar’s Head Ceremony Sat  26th Dec 12 Noon
Plough Monday - Mummers Play [and dancing] Plough Monday 2017 7.30pm to 11.00pm approx.
     The Sun Inn, Felmersham, MK43 7EU Mon 9th Jan 2016 7.45pm
     The Bell, Odell, MK43 7AU Mon 9th Jan 2016 8.30pm
     The Oakley Arms, Harrold, MK43 7BH  -   Change of Venue Mon 9th Jan 2016 9.15pm
     The Royal George, Stevington, MK43 7QP Mon 9th Jan 2016 10.00pm
Border Morris at Bedford Boxing Day
Bedford Morris Men dance on Bedford Embankment
Boxing Day   Boxing Day - procession
Boxing Day - outside the Swan Hotel.
Bedford Morris Men - the Cake Bearer - John Frearson.  
[photo courtesy Nigel Pennick]
  Boxing Day - outside the Swan Hotel.
The Boar's Head Ceremony.
[photo courtesy Nigel Pennick]
Plough Monday play   Plough Monday
Bedford Morris Men - Plough Monday
The Branston Plough Play - King George and the Recruiting Sergeant fight their duel.
  Bedford Morris Men - Plough Monday
The Branston Plough Play - the final chorus

Further details can be obtained from:- John Frearson -